Take Shape For Life® Medical Weight Loss

A Weight Loss and Management Program

Recommended by 20,000+ Physicians Nationwide

The Program at a Glance

  • Before/AfterWork one-on-one with our health coach assigned to you by Dr. Nayak.
  • Meet with your health coach regularly at a conveniently scheduled time either in person, over the phone or even via email. You make the choice.
  • Enjoy personalized meal plans each week made up of a combination of medically formulated meal replacements and store bought food.
  • Your only costs are the meal replacements at $10-12/ day. Your health coach is entirely free!
  • Before/AfterLose up to 2-5 pounds a week on average. Once the weight is off, you’ll transition to completely store bought food. And remember, your health coach will be there for you.
  • Learn the Habits of Health which will be your foundation for a healthy lifestyle and maintained weight loss.

To learn more, email healthcoach@nayak.org or visit this webpage.

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