Redefining Sun Protection

  • The FIRST all-powerful, long-lasting sun protection for YOUR BODY!
  • Instant Protection. Lose the twenty minute wait!
  • Very water resistant
  • Available in “ALL CLEAR” and “ALMOST CLEAR”
  • Will not burn your eyes
  • No more greasy sunscreen feeling
  • Sun ProtectionPhysical BROAD SPECTRUM (UVA, UVB and infrared) sun protection ingredients
  • Reflects and refracts light on the surface of your skin
  • Ultimate stability
  • Sea minerals to protect the Langerhans cells against ultraviolet and infrared radiation
  • Actives: 12% micronized titanium dioxide & 12% micronized zinc oxide

Elta Skin Protection ELTA Swiss American – Elta Gold UV Facial SPF 30 (4 fl. oz.)

This light daily moisturizer with Z-Cote has a patented form of micronized zinc oxide that provides 30 times your natural protection from the sun, blocking a very broad spectrum of UV-B and UV-A rays. This light moisturizer base is safe for the face, non-comedogenic & formulated for sensitive skin.

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